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  1. Miguel,non ogni lotta prevede il coinvolgimento dei figli, e pochissime quello dei propri figli.Anche perchè di solito i figli (e le donne) del nemico sconfitto venivano annessi al vincitore, ammesso che questo non si contentasse di far bottino.Altrimenti perchè esisterebbero tante polemiche sul carpet bombing nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale?O su Ulisse che uccide il figlio di Ettore?CiaoFrancesco

  2. All anti-government movements are sponsored by enemy states. Just like anti-Putin funny hysteria, sponsored by sick prowestern whores (it’s not surprise that they failed).Putin inauguration coming soon, and all jewish perverts finally have shut up.

  3. My take on offensive comments is that there will always be people who need their adrenaline fix however they can get it. These trolls invest themselves in negativity in order to get a reaction. They thrive on conflict. At a minimum, it makes them feel alive. Maria, delete and be happy!

  4. Nun ja, Peter Scholl-Latourist ja inzwischen kaum mehr als der Karl May der modernen deutschen Auslandsberichterstattung – nur mit dem Unterschied, dass Karl May nicht auch noch in die Laender reisen musste, ueber die er seine Raeuberpistolen schrieb…Irgendwie ist er ja das Gegenbild zu Grassens Guenther. Waehrend der Dichterfuerst seinen alten Idealen treu geblieben ist, machte PSL die Kehrtwende und laesst sich jetzt sogar von der “Jungen Freiheit” bepreisen.

  5. Roar13 April 2012John-Ok to sympathize with innocent people while recognizing reality. The separation fence has saved many innocent children in Israel, jew and arab alike, from being killed and maimed by nail bombs brought in from the West Bank. That’s a lot different than the Berlin Wall. When the arabs stop indocrinating their children with hatred and give up the war to destroy Israel, they will relieve themselves of the hardship of war.

  6. Van mij mag de brievenbus wegblijven. Ten eerste: Iedereen fiets wel 2 a 3 keer naar de poiesz, nou dan neem je je post even mee en klaar Ten tweede: Zo maakt de postbode minder kilometers en dat scheelt weer in tijd. Of terwijl in uurloon. Ten derde: Je hebt minder rood in de buurt en meer groen en dat spreekt mij erg aan.Ik kan alleen maar voordelen bedenken dus. Voor mensen die er bezwaar tegen hebben, die moeten maar een postduif kopen.

  7. Thank you Steven for your comments. It can be easy to fall in the trap of always looking at what is wrong in the world.Being aware can turn this around – search for what you can do and/or what is right with the situation can make all the diffrence.

  8. Ого! Так не только муж стихи пишет? Семья поэтов? []madonna4ka Reply:Сентябрь 30th, 2011 at 19:07Ну да есть немного, это так блогосфера на меня влияет. []

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  10. Most of the clubs, including the strip clubs in The French Quarter will allow 18 and up, except the more well known. I don’t think Razoo and Cat’s Meow allow 18 and up, but Eutopia and the other one at the foot of the French Quarter will allow 18 , BUT YOU WILL PAY EXTRA! I bought my nephew for some clubbing in the Quarters for his 19th Bday, and had to pay about double for him, in the clubs and strip joints.References :

  11. , they are a tiny minority in the places they live and don't mix with the White folk around them much. I have very rarely seen Black or Black-mixed people in Turkey and all of them were probably either tourists or recent illegal workers from African countries.In short, probably the "Black Turks" you saw were from that tiny population of Black slave remnants in Turkey.

  12. Friend, you made me cry today. I just went over Genesis 3 with my core group girls and the only thing that combats the lies of the enemy is the truth of God. When we speak truth we win. Oh, every day I am learning things I can pass on, not because I am so smart but because God reveals my own gross stuff to me so that I can tell on myself and hopefully help someone else. hugs!

  13. Can we really listen to Andrew. This would be a Senate candidate who doesn't even know what office his supporters or the people he chooses to back are running for."William McVay for DE Senate Facebook Site"Copied from Candidate Groff's web site…..not sure but i believe McVay is running for Representative….and I believe this week it is as a Republican.

  14. TrollSlayer is in all likelihood the same character who uses a half a dozen aliases and impersonates other posters. Just a typical example of the children here who are used to having their way, and can’t handle the fact that others have the right to express differing points of view.

  15. Everyone is missing the dichotomy here…There are professional nannies from Latin countries that get paid very well to come here and help raise and teach children.Penelope can’t afford a professional, well-educated nanny. She opted for bargain-basement.Penelope’s effort to make herself sound superior is the dichotomy. She’s actually telling you she’s broke, and made a terrible decision.Anybody who reads this blog knows Penelope’s horrible background. She’s always going to try to sound superior…but we all know the reality.

  16. disse:Ah, você com Demônios e eu acabei de ler Crime e Castigo do mesmo autor. Gostei bastante. Agora estou na fase dos clássicos e minha leitura atual é Madame Bovary. Engatilhado já está Galileia, esse contemporâneo e exceção à minha fase atual, de Ronaldo Correa de Brito, vencedor do Prêmio São Paulo de Literatura de 2009.Abraços,Dimas Lins

  17. I would have to say that my go to tool is my vegie peeler, that do use for its intended purpose most of the time-but also for slices of cheese, slicing radishes and other small vegies. I also could not cook without my wooden spoons that I have had for over 10 years. However, there is always room for an addition On a separate note, I purchased The Homemade Pantry and also heard you on the From Scratch Club podcast. My family thanks you to the ends of the earth for your book! You are such an inspiration. Good Blessings to you and your family.

  18. Is the government going to assist these homeless fatherless children? And wat is going to happen to the wives? And the man too, what steps do they have in place for is mental state once his kids and wives are taken? Wat, they just think they can tell a man to get rid of his wives and he is going to be fine with that? First of all, there should be a countrywide law that permits a man to have just ONE wife regardless of religion or ethnicity. That would definitely solve the population problem

  19. well it depends on how your want live your life.. last time i was really fed up in working full time.. too stressful.. I was thinking why not to just look for a simple job earn some average income & be happy with it…but opportunity comes and everyday I keep on improve my work and it makes it simple and more enjoyable….I would say that if it is a good opportunity .. try it.. worst case you could goes back to your old job right?

  20. Il me semble que france TV n’a pas diffusé le 20 kms marche féminin cette nuit. Pourquoi ce « choix abracadabrantesque ». France TV n’aurait-elle pas « privilégiée exclusivement le business »?

  21. “I got up at one point and walked in to where she was sitting and pointed to a line on a hard copy. I asked what that meant. She thought “I” had written it and I thought she’d written it. We decided to delete it and act like it never happened. ”I love this love this love this. The three of you are fabulous beyond description–wonderful. Thank you so much for this loving and insightful interview…

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  23. Un președinte are posibilitatea de a promulga legi, de a avansa în grad rezerviști, poate grația, poate schimba procurori și judecători dar ponderea cea mai mare a lui Traian Băsescu și anume 41% în primul mandat și 47% în al doilea mandat este schimbarea de judecători și procurori. Cu alte cuvinte Basescu s-a subordonat justitia. Cu alte cuvinte a bagat-o in buzunar.

  24. Adesso il troll deve lavorare. Scusate il disturbo.Ma perchè i troll devono sempre ribadire il concetto di "scusate, ma ho altro da fare" quando abbandonano il campo? Perchè poi devono sempre autoproclamarsi vittime ("scusate il disturbo") quando fino a un secondo prima avevano un tono molto più aggressivo?Bah…So solo che io mi sento molto offeso e scioccato da tutto questo…

  25. grande doutor osmar, boa tarde, acho q o senhor é o unico da comunicaçao esportiva que protege nós corintianos pq vou falar heinm essa imprensa rosa ta demais, eles nao veem essas vantagem e só soltam na imprensa que o dinheiro saira de nossos bolsos, nao moro em sao paulo mais vejo essas vantagens.. parabens doutor por mais uma bela materia.

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  27. DARE A CESARE CI0′ CHE E’ DI CESARE=========================bianca nimmala,come avrai letto, lo scritto non è mio, ma ho ascoltato ciò dalla bocca di corrado pensa.averlo incontrato, conosciuto e frequentato è stata -per me- una grande fortuna: una persona che semplicemente sentendo il timbro della sua voce e lo scorrere delle parole infonde quella pacatezza e agiatezza nelle cose della vita che ha un valore unico.ogni bene, osvaldo sudhammo

  28. Shawnnews,I recall Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare saying “we must pass this bill to see what’s in it”! But healthcare costs are still rising and will continue. But thanks for showing just how far you will go to get what you want. Next we will have to ban cars because they cause too many deaths as well!

  29. FIFTH REPLY TO GOOSEMANGood morning Goosey and what a wonderful morning it is too. My we did have a sleepless night didn’t we Goosey. What on earth were you thinking about posting to my “yawnfest” at four in the morning. Couldn’t sleep eh? Your nightmare is just beginning.Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day I ‘ve got a wonderful feelin nothing is goin your way…..

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  36. Si totusi sunt atatia pe care ii vad de destula vreme. Adevarul e ca e si greu sa eviti roboteii intr-un sistem care nu cunoaste termenul de “spam” nici in cazul userilor “legali”, nu impune nimeni o limita de twitturi

  37. You are welcome, Ling, and I, too, much rather deal with rain checks any day–that way I am in control of when I get what and the tax break is amazing. But I have my manager so used to us (four of us) getting the deals that she stocks the best ones really well. LOL I rarely get rainchecks any more.

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  53. I agree with you, the record shows this regime is more than willing to use violence and force when it sees a threat to its domestic hegemony. And this is likely the biggest threat seen since the early days of the revolution. This is incredible to watch-and disturbing to think about the consequences. I think this will determine for us once and for all who is more passionate, the opposition and disgruntled Iranian masses, or the regimes supporters. Fascinating.

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